Is Induction Cooking Safe?

Induction cooking is a new idol and improvement that we can find nowadays. This is a tool that is really adored by some chefs, professional and cookers. This induction cook is easy to be heated and safe enough to be touched by the kids. It makes this tool is really elegant. One bold different between inductions cooking with the other stoves is that there is no fire or flame in induction cooking. Basically, induction cooking is a way of cooking by using the induction stove. This is a stove that works because of the electricity that passing through some instruments on that induction stove. However, what is the difference between an induction stove with the electrical stove? Electrical stove is used to use a filament for creating the heat, meanwhile induction stove uses the cooking tool itself (such as pan, etc) for creating the heat.

Induction Cooking is it safe or not?

That is really an interesting question that has to be answered. For some cases, induction cooking can be really safe, but for the rest it is not safe at all. Why it is safe? It is because induction cooking did not make any fires or flames. So, it will not harm your hands on the other parts of your body and the surrounded instruments. Besides that, this cooking method is not triggering the hot air, so it will be more comfortable enough. Besides that, your pan or the other cooking utensils will be not blackened. The most important thing is that there will be not any explosion risk because induction cooking is not using the gas instruments. In the other word we can say that induction cooking uses the induction system for creating heat, so many parties claimed that induction cooking is much safer than the gas stove.

However, if you wanted to hear a depth analysis, induction cooking is not safe at all. Why? It is because a fact that induction cooking gives more EMF exposure possibility than the other cooking methods. EMF is something that is deal with radiation and we knew that exposure by too much radiation everyday is dangerous for our health. There is research that is done by the “Journal Bioelectromagnetics” in 2012 states that the person who is standing close or near the induction stove, will get the impact of maximum exposure levels of radiation just like what already set by ICNIRP or the International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection. The worst thing is that, this exposure can be 16 fold higher than the maximum exposure number that is made by ICNIRP. This is really a shocking fact that can be known by the induction cooking users. According to Powerwatch, the normal usage of users is for about 1 foot up to 30 cm to the front of an induction stove.

Those are some information about the induction cooking. Actually, induction cooking has some pros and cons. Now, based on the explanation above, you can get your own decision in order to use the induction cooking or not.

Do You Need a Food Processor, Mixer or Blender?

Nowadays, there are so many kinds of utensils that you can do for cooking and baking some foods. You can spend some of your money to buy these kinds of utensils. However, now the question is that “did that utensil is right for you?” Below, we will help to share some information about the pros and cons of the utensils, especially about the food processor, Blender or Mixer.

Food Processor

Food processor is a perfect tool that you can use to chop or break down the food. This tool can slice, chop and grate food by using the interchangeable spinning blades that are located in a plastic bowl. This tools is seemed a kind of the kitchen or cooking instruments that is placed on the top wish list. Actually, a food processor can be also used for mixing, whipping and whisking, but the result is cannot be compared with mixer. In the other word we can say that mixer can do that job better than a food processor. How about the size? A food processor can be seen large enough, but in fact it takes less space than if you used the stand mixers. The price is varied or between 30 pounds up to 500 pounds.


The next thing, we will talk about mixer. This is perfect tool, especially if you were a keen baker. This tool is an essential tool in baking task. Mixer is like a specially designed tool that becomes a must if you want to make a dough for a cake. You can purchase both; the stand mixer and hand mixer depend on your budgets and needs. Both of these utensils are not taking too much space on your kitchen and the price is also varied. The price is ranging from 5 pounds up to 60 pounds. That is why; we can always see this tool on some people’s kitchen. As added information, now some hand mixers are came with blending foot that you can use for pureeing or blending something.


The last one is blender. Blender is maybe the most popular kitchen utensil than the other two above. Actually, there are three key types of blender: the traditional jug blenders, smaller personal blenders and hand blenders. If you were interested more to make a smoothie or soup, blender is the right instrument that you need. This tool can make some smoothie and soup in a well consistency. Blenders are usually having the chopping blade. This chopping blade can be attached in a blender or they can be separated from the blender. Just like the other tools above, the price of blenders are varied. You can go to the closest electrical or kitchen utensils tools to know all the details of blender.

Those are some description of food processor, blender and mixer. Now, which one do you need? Or do you really need one of them? You can decide it based on the explanation above.

Electric Oven for Perfect Baking

Using an electric oven for baking can be really challenging, especially if you it was your first time. That is why; we will share some basic information for you who want to cook or baking something with this electric oven. First of all, you have to prepare some tools such as conventional electric oven that is completed with the users’ guide, Timers and oven mitts or pot holders.

After that, you have to understand about the kind  of dish that you want to bake. If that dish is required the oven to be preheated, you can turn on your oven first and set the temperature based on the requirements of the dish that you want to bake. It will make your baking process by using the electric oven is more perfect. If you were finished setting the temperature, now you can choose the best rack that can be used at the center of the oven. Select the best rack that is suited most with your dish.

In recipe, usually there will be a recommendation about the time of the dish after it was placed in an oven. If you founded that the time recommendation for your dish is varied, as an example is between 10 -15 minutes, using the lower time is the best idea. Why was that? By using the lower time, you will be able for always knowing how your particular oven cooks is. In the other words we can also said that it will be much easier to give and add more time for an undercooked dish than undo the burnt dish.

Next, you can do the visual check for your \dish. You can do it at the three quarters from the total cooking process by opening the oven door some few inches or you just can see from the oven’ door. Why did you need to do this at the three quarters from the total cooking time? It is because this is a crucial time when usually an oven is cooked too fast and sometimes the temperatures need to be lowered for about 25 degrees.

Usually, after the recipe or dish is cooked, the timer will make a sound. If it was happened, you can gently open the oven door. For preventing burnt, you can use the pot holders or oven mitt if you wanted to slide out the rack. There will some guidance from a recipe book or the other sources about how to check a doneness of a recipe is. You can follow that guidance to make sure that your recipe is well cooked. For an example, some doneness characteristics of cake are like the golden brown color, insert a tooth pick for checking the inside part bounce back when it was touched slightly and many more. By this guidance, you can check whether your dish is well cooked. After it was cooked and you are satisfied, close the oven door and never for get to turn the oven off.

about Chafing Dish

Chafing dish is a kind of kitchen utensils that is portable raised on a tripod. There will be a feature that can be used to deliver heats or flame, so that the foods that are placed on a chafing dish will be always hot. There are many things that you can know about chafing dish. Below, we will give some further information about this functional tool.

The Shapes of Chafing Dish

First of all, we will talk about the shape. The most common shape oh chafing dish is usually rectangular and round. However, as time goes by, there are still many other shapes that you can use above your table. Those kinds of shapes are:

  1. Rectangular: as what we already said above that the most basic shape of chafing dish is rectangular. This shape is usually used for the main entrees, sides and also for appetizers.
  2. Round: The second example of chafing dish shape is round. This is a kind of popular shape that is usually used for the sauces, side dishes and desserts.
  3. Oval: this kind of chafing dish has more contemporary look. This is used for main entrees.
  4. Soup / Marmite: this is a chafer that is commonly used for holding the warm soup, sauce, stew, hot cereals, gravy and the other liquids.
  5. Square: the square chafing dish is usually used as a place for appetizers and also sides
  6. Drop In Chafer: This is a chafer that is permanently installed. Usually, it will give more elegant look for some places such as hotels, buffet and many more again.

Those are some shapes that you can find on chafing dish. There are still many other shapes that you can see.

Kinds of Chafing dish based on the Size

Based on the size, chafing dish can be also divided into some kinds, they are:

  • Full Size Chafing Dish. Usually the full size chafing dish is on rectangular shape. It has for about 8 up to 9 quart capacity.
  • Half Size. This is a small chafing dish like a half size. This chafing dish shape is usually rectangular or square with 4 up to 5 quart capacity.
  • Round Chafing Dish. This kind of chafing dish is included the marmite chafing dish. This chafer has for about 4 to quart capacity.

Chafing Dish Based on the Heating Machine

Chafing dish is also divided into the kind of heating machines. There are two kinds of heating that is used in chafing dish: Fuel and Electric Heat. The fuel chafing dish can use some kinds such as the fuel cans, gel chafing fuel and wick fuel. Meanwhile, the electric heat chafing dish is perfect for the outdoor events. This kind of chafing dish is easier to use than the fuel because you will not deal with flame and hazards. That is why; this kind of tool can be also used for the indoor activity.

Microwave Breakfast Meal for Busy Morning

Morning is maybe becoming the busiest time in 24 hours of our day. We have to prepare a lot of things every morning. One of the most important things that you may not forget to prepare every morning is breakfast meal. Mostly you have to prepare a breakfast meal in a very short time. For this case, microwave can be an essential helper for you. You have to know that there are plenty of simple and healthy breakfast meals that you can make with microwave. Below we will share some of those meals that you can try at home.

  1. Omelets in a Mug

Did you have some eggs, cheese, mugs and galantine? If it so, now you are ready to make an omelet in a mug. You have to prepare for about 2 eggs, 2 table spoons chopping cheese, 2 tablespoon chopped galantine, 1 table spoon of chopped onion leaves and some salts and peppers. How to make this omelet in a mug is that you have to prepare a mug that is usually used for microwave. After that, apply a little bit oil or butter by using a brush. After that, add all the ingredients into that mug and mix it up. After that, put the mug into the microwave. Manage the heat into the “high’ option and manage the time for a minute. After a minute, take the mug and stir it up. After that, put it back to the microwave for about a minute more or until the eggs are cooked enough.

  1. Simple and Delicious Scrambled Eggs

Do you want the other variant of cooking eggs? How about making the scrambled eggs? You have to know that this food can be cooked with microwave as well. You can use cups or bowl that can be used for microwave. Stir the eggs, add some milks (you can use butter for giving more salty taste), salt and pepper. Cut the garlic and add to this dough. After that, enter this to the microwave and cook it for about 2 minutes long. After that, put that bowl or cup from the microwave, stir again and put it back into the microwave.

  1. Oatmeal a la Microwave

The third recipe or breakfast meal is perfect for you who love Oatmeal. As we know that Oatmeal is a kind of healthy food that is really good for your health, especially for your heart and digestion system. Instead of always eating rice, you can sometimes change the rice with oatmeal. You can make oatmeal by using microwaves with these steps. Add for about 3 full table spoon of oatmeal into a cup, add 2 tablespoons of chocolate milk powder, add ½ cups water, and then put this into the microwave. After a minute, take it from the microwave and stir it up. If you wanted to add some more water, you can do that. After you stir that up, put it back to the microwave and cook again for about 1 minute long. You can add some fruits topping on this after it was cooked enough.