about Chafing Dish

Chafing dish is a kind of kitchen utensils that is portable raised on a tripod. There will be a feature that can be used to deliver heats or flame, so that the foods that are placed on a chafing dish will be always hot. There are many things that you can know about chafing dish. Below, we will give some further information about this functional tool.

The Shapes of Chafing Dish

First of all, we will talk about the shape. The most common shape oh chafing dish is usually rectangular and round. However, as time goes by, there are still many other shapes that you can use above your table. Those kinds of shapes are:

  1. Rectangular: as what we already said above that the most basic shape of chafing dish is rectangular. This shape is usually used for the main entrees, sides and also for appetizers.
  2. Round: The second example of chafing dish shape is round. This is a kind of popular shape that is usually used for the sauces, side dishes and desserts.
  3. Oval: this kind of chafing dish has more contemporary look. This is used for main entrees.
  4. Soup / Marmite: this is a chafer that is commonly used for holding the warm soup, sauce, stew, hot cereals, gravy and the other liquids.
  5. Square: the square chafing dish is usually used as a place for appetizers and also sides
  6. Drop In Chafer: This is a chafer that is permanently installed. Usually, it will give more elegant look for some places such as hotels, buffet and many more again.

Those are some shapes that you can find on chafing dish. There are still many other shapes that you can see.

Kinds of Chafing dish based on the Size

Based on the size, chafing dish can be also divided into some kinds, they are:

  • Full Size Chafing Dish. Usually the full size chafing dish is on rectangular shape. It has for about 8 up to 9 quart capacity.
  • Half Size. This is a small chafing dish like a half size. This chafing dish shape is usually rectangular or square with 4 up to 5 quart capacity.
  • Round Chafing Dish. This kind of chafing dish is included the marmite chafing dish. This chafer has for about 4 to quart capacity.

Chafing Dish Based on the Heating Machine

Chafing dish is also divided into the kind of heating machines. There are two kinds of heating that is used in chafing dish: Fuel and Electric Heat. The fuel chafing dish can use some kinds such as the fuel cans, gel chafing fuel and wick fuel. Meanwhile, the electric heat chafing dish is perfect for the outdoor events. This kind of chafing dish is easier to use than the fuel because you will not deal with flame and hazards. That is why; this kind of tool can be also used for the indoor activity.