Do You Need a Food Processor, Mixer or Blender?

Nowadays, there are so many kinds of utensils that you can do for cooking and baking some foods. You can spend some of your money to buy these kinds of utensils. However, now the question is that “did that utensil is right for you?” Below, we will help to share some information about the pros and cons of the utensils, especially about the food processor, Blender or Mixer.

Food Processor

Food processor is a perfect tool that you can use to chop or break down the food. This tool can slice, chop and grate food by using the interchangeable spinning blades that are located in a plastic bowl. This tools is seemed a kind of the kitchen or cooking instruments that is placed on the top wish list. Actually, a food processor can be also used for mixing, whipping and whisking, but the result is cannot be compared with mixer. In the other word we can say that mixer can do that job better than a food processor. How about the size? A food processor can be seen large enough, but in fact it takes less space than if you used the stand mixers. The price is varied or between 30 pounds up to 500 pounds.


The next thing, we will talk about mixer. This is perfect tool, especially if you were a keen baker. This tool is an essential tool in baking task. Mixer is like a specially designed tool that becomes a must if you want to make a dough for a cake. You can purchase both; the stand mixer and hand mixer depend on your budgets and needs. Both of these utensils are not taking too much space on your kitchen and the price is also varied. The price is ranging from 5 pounds up to 60 pounds. That is why; we can always see this tool on some people’s kitchen. As added information, now some hand mixers are came with blending foot that you can use for pureeing or blending something.


The last one is blender. Blender is maybe the most popular kitchen utensil than the other two above. Actually, there are three key types of blender: the traditional jug blenders, smaller personal blenders and hand blenders. If you were interested more to make a smoothie or soup, blender is the right instrument that you need. This tool can make some smoothie and soup in a well consistency. Blenders are usually having the chopping blade. This chopping blade can be attached in a blender or they can be separated from the blender. Just like the other tools above, the price of blenders are varied. You can go to the closest electrical or kitchen utensils tools to know all the details of blender.

Those are some description of food processor, blender and mixer. Now, which one do you need? Or do you really need one of them? You can decide it based on the explanation above.