Is Induction Cooking Safe?

Induction cooking is a new idol and improvement that we can find nowadays. This is a tool that is really adored by some chefs, professional and cookers. This induction cook is easy to be heated and safe enough to be touched by the kids. It makes this tool is really elegant. One bold different between inductions cooking with the other stoves is that there is no fire or flame in induction cooking. Basically, induction cooking is a way of cooking by using the induction stove. This is a stove that works because of the electricity that passing through some instruments on that induction stove. However, what is the difference between an induction stove with the electrical stove? Electrical stove is used to use a filament for creating the heat, meanwhile induction stove uses the cooking tool itself (such as pan, etc) for creating the heat.

Induction Cooking is it safe or not?

That is really an interesting question that has to be answered. For some cases, induction cooking can be really safe, but for the rest it is not safe at all. Why it is safe? It is because induction cooking did not make any fires or flames. So, it will not harm your hands on the other parts of your body and the surrounded instruments. Besides that, this cooking method is not triggering the hot air, so it will be more comfortable enough. Besides that, your pan or the other cooking utensils will be not blackened. The most important thing is that there will be not any explosion risk because induction cooking is not using the gas instruments. In the other word we can say that induction cooking uses the induction system for creating heat, so many parties claimed that induction cooking is much safer than the gas stove.

However, if you wanted to hear a depth analysis, induction cooking is not safe at all. Why? It is because a fact that induction cooking gives more EMF exposure possibility than the other cooking methods. EMF is something that is deal with radiation and we knew that exposure by too much radiation everyday is dangerous for our health. There is research that is done by the “Journal Bioelectromagnetics” in 2012 states that the person who is standing close or near the induction stove, will get the impact of maximum exposure levels of radiation just like what already set by ICNIRP or the International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection. The worst thing is that, this exposure can be 16 fold higher than the maximum exposure number that is made by ICNIRP. This is really a shocking fact that can be known by the induction cooking users. According to Powerwatch, the normal usage of users is for about 1 foot up to 30 cm to the front of an induction stove.

Those are some information about the induction cooking. Actually, induction cooking has some pros and cons. Now, based on the explanation above, you can get your own decision in order to use the induction cooking or not.