Microwave Breakfast Meal for Busy Morning

Morning is maybe becoming the busiest time in 24 hours of our day. We have to prepare a lot of things every morning. One of the most important things that you may not forget to prepare every morning is breakfast meal. Mostly you have to prepare a breakfast meal in a very short time. For this case, microwave can be an essential helper for you. You have to know that there are plenty of simple and healthy breakfast meals that you can make with microwave. Below we will share some of those meals that you can try at home.

  1. Omelets in a Mug

Did you have some eggs, cheese, mugs and galantine? If it so, now you are ready to make an omelet in a mug. You have to prepare for about 2 eggs, 2 table spoons chopping cheese, 2 tablespoon chopped galantine, 1 table spoon of chopped onion leaves and some salts and peppers. How to make this omelet in a mug is that you have to prepare a mug that is usually used for microwave. After that, apply a little bit oil or butter by using a brush. After that, add all the ingredients into that mug and mix it up. After that, put the mug into the microwave. Manage the heat into the “high’ option and manage the time for a minute. After a minute, take the mug and stir it up. After that, put it back to the microwave for about a minute more or until the eggs are cooked enough.

  1. Simple and Delicious Scrambled Eggs

Do you want the other variant of cooking eggs? How about making the scrambled eggs? You have to know that this food can be cooked with microwave as well. You can use cups or bowl that can be used for microwave. Stir the eggs, add some milks (you can use butter for giving more salty taste), salt and pepper. Cut the garlic and add to this dough. After that, enter this to the microwave and cook it for about 2 minutes long. After that, put that bowl or cup from the microwave, stir again and put it back into the microwave.

  1. Oatmeal a la Microwave

The third recipe or breakfast meal is perfect for you who love Oatmeal. As we know that Oatmeal is a kind of healthy food that is really good for your health, especially for your heart and digestion system. Instead of always eating rice, you can sometimes change the rice with oatmeal. You can make oatmeal by using microwaves with these steps. Add for about 3 full table spoon of oatmeal into a cup, add 2 tablespoons of chocolate milk powder, add ½ cups water, and then put this into the microwave. After a minute, take it from the microwave and stir it up. If you wanted to add some more water, you can do that. After you stir that up, put it back to the microwave and cook again for about 1 minute long. You can add some fruits topping on this after it was cooked enough.